Alli + Evie is made by women, for women. My name is Allison, and I am a working mom based in Montgomery, Alabama. I founded this company based on my own desire for mommy and me dresses that also stand alone in their design and quality. 

I spent my first mother’s day scouring the internet for coordinating dresses for my infant and myself. Knowing my love for a matching moment with my mini me, my sweet hubby offered to buy us a set as part of my mother’s day gift.

What I found was a huge gap in the market between cheap, foreign-made fast fashion and pricey designer offerings. 

After putting several higher end pieces in my online carts, I ended up with sticker shock and ultimately bought from a fast-fashion brand. The pieces were great for a quick photo-op, but I didn’t want to wear the dress that I had purchased again. Even worse, my daughter’s dress got a hole in it the first time I washed it.

Why is it so hard to find what I’m looking for? I thought. I love to shop; I live to shop, and even I can’t find mommy and me fashion worth purchasing.. 

I personally love the versatility of dresses, and I was seeking an easy-care dress made of natural fibers with a classic, feminine shape. Rather than a matching dress for my daughter, I wanted a dress made in the same fabric, but in a style appropriate for a child - not a shrunken version of the women's dress. 

I could see the pieces in my head… I just couldn’t find them online or in the store. So I sought out to create them.