Local businessman donates Alli + Evie dresses to victims of child abuse

Our amazing customer, Jerald Labovitz, recently donated Alli + Evie dresses to two pairs of mothers and daughters served by Child Protect, a nonprofit organization in Montgomery, Alabama that supports the victims of child abuse.

Labovitz is the president of Alabama Steel Supply, Inc., Central Alabama's largest metal roofing manufacturer, and a long time supporter of Child Protect.

Child Protect assists Alabama DHR and Law Enforcement in their investigation of child sexual and physical abuse. Child Protect is designed to meet the child's need for warmth, support and protection by providing a friendly, non-threatening environment where children are interviewed about the abuse. Child Protect also provides counseling and family advocacy at no cost to the victims or their families. 

As a mom, I can't even imagine what I would do if anyone abused my child. Sadly, I know several women who were abused as children, so I understand how real and prevalent this evil is. That is why I am so grateful that Child Protect is here to minimize the trauma for local victims and keep innocent children as sheltered as possible during the criminal investigation process. Their work truly furthers justice and helps to prevent further harm and abuse.

Here is just one testimonial from a parent helped by the agency:

"In an instance yours and your child's life can change and everything you thought you knew about being a parent and protecting your child from the evil is turned upside down. In all of this madness and confusion there was a group of individuals who offered and gave my daughter and I a sense of peace and hope when it seemed all had gone. Even though you as a parent are skeptical of anyone and everyone, they understand and are patient with everyone's feelings. Although we call them our guardian angels others refer to them as Child Protect, Children's Advocacy Center. Words can never express the gratitude that we owe them for all their hard work, love, and compassion. From the beginning until the conviction, they stayed by our side. Not only did they ensure that procedures were followed from a legal standpoint, counseled my daughter, but went the extra step to be with us on the day of the trial. Not I or anyone else I have spoken with can say that of any other agency. Looking back, Crystal, Emily and Jana showed more support than many of our family members. When my daughter started the counseling she was scared, hurt, and very confused, but Jana took her time and worked with my daughter and because of that she had the strength to get through this difficult time in her life. When time came for her to testify they had taught her to stand up for what was right and for herself. As they had promised, Emily was there the day of the trial testifying as to what my daughter had disclosed. With a portable DVD player and a bag of goodies, Crystal showed up and planned to stay for however long it took. I remember looking up and seeing her and thinking, "How Blessed we truly are." Thanks to these ladies, we were able to get the conviction and send this child molester to prison for 20 years. Even though a few years has passed they still call and email to check on us, and I still think and feel as I did then, that we are truly, truly Blessed to have them in our lives, even if the circumstances that brought them was not."      -With Gratitude, J.R.

Learn more about how you can support Child Protect at www.childprotect.org.

Photo caption: Child Protect Executive Director Jannah M Bailey receives Alli + Evie dresses donated by local businessman Jerald Labovitz, accompanied by Alli + Evie founder Allison Muhlendorf. (Due to COVID-19 precautions, everyone wore masks and social distanced during the visit, only taking masks off briefly for the photo.)  


Allison – this is amazing. How wonderful for everyone. Send you lots of love and hugs. Send me a few pics of your beautiful daughter. xoxos Kathy Harrison

Kathleen Harrison August 29, 2020

I love everything about this!

Rosalinda Wolfe-Bertling August 29, 2020

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