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At Alli + Evie, we are seeking to build a community of devoted mamas on our site, which will soon house our mommy and me clothing line.

Our first collection is slated to launch on Mother's Day with a special opportunity to buy a limited number of made-to-order dresses on our website, www.alliandevie.com.

Alli + Evie is made by women, for women. My name is Allison, and I am a working mom based in Montgomery, Alabama. I founded this company based on my own desire for mommy and me dresses that also stand alone in their design and quality. 

One year ago, I spent my first mother’s day scouring the internet for coordinating dresses for my infant and myself. Knowing my love for a matching moment with my mini me, my sweet hubby offered to buy us a set as part of my mother’s day gift.

What I found was a huge gap in the market between cheap, foreign-made fast fashion and pricey designer offerings. 

After putting several higher end pieces in my online carts, I ended up with sticker shock and ultimately bought from a fast-fashion brand. The pieces were great for a quick photo-op, but I didn’t want to wear the dress that I had purchased again. Even worse, my daughter’s dress got a hole in it the first time I washed it.

Why is it so hard to find what I’m looking for? I thought. I love to shop; I live to shop, and even I can’t find mommy and me fashion worth purchasing.. 

I personally love the versatility of dresses, and I was seeking an easy-care dress made of natural fibers with a classic, feminine shape. Rather than a matching dress for my daughter, I wanted a dress made in the same fabric, but in a style appropriate for a child - not a shrunken version of the women's dress. 

I could see the pieces in my head… I just couldn’t find them online or in the store. So I sought out to create them.

I lovingly designed each dress in our first collection, and named them after my mother, daughter and niece. Every dress in our initial launch will be made-to-order in the USA by a seamstress who is also a mom and a business owner.

I acknowledge that this has been a tragic and trying time for our country and the world. My hope is that, by celebrating the special bond between moms and daughters, our little dress collection can bring some light to you during this dark time.

In fact, that's the name of our blog: Moms and Daughters. We hope it will be a portal for sharing advice, joy, words of wisdom - and even pain - as we navigate this thing called motherhood.

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