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Women supporting women: A guest blog by Gloria Sims Crump

At Alli + Evie, we are seeking to create a community of women here on our site and on social. While we were founded as a mommy and me dress company, our dresses truly stand alone - no kids needed! Our friend Gloria, South Alabama's undisputed "Queen of Real Estate," recently gave them a test drive. Here, she blogs about her love of fashion and her unwavering support of female entrepreneurs.

I recently wore a made-to-order Alli + Evie dress for a date night. The flowy femininity of the dress was the perfect choice for that evening.

I’m Gloria Crump. I’m a real estate broker and dog mom. And I adore all things fashion.

I was born and raised in small-town Selma, Alabama. My love for fashion started at an early age when I used to play between the racks of the beautiful clothing at my mother’s boutique. My grandmother owned a well-known furniture company, so I I had the opportunity to watch two generations of successful women in sales.

I became accustomed to how fabrics feel, move, and how an outfit or interior of a home should look to give off the vibe you are searching for.

Gulf Shores, Alabama is now my home. Like my friend Allison, designer/owner of Alli + Evie, I own my own company - The Coastal Leaders Realty Group. When I am not assisting my clients in buying or selling their dream homes on our beautiful Alabama beaches, I am thinking of where my next adventure will be!

Whether it is meeting friends for lunch or booking a flight, I am always wondering “what am I going to wear?” There are so many ways to incorporate cool accessories with clothes that fit the look I am going for, be it work, shopping or just out on the town. The cool thing about the two Alli + Evie dresses I’ve worn is that I was able to do just that. These effortless dresses, with their slight frills, made it easy and fun to play and pair with the accessories. And what’s even better is that you can just throw them on and go and look great in just a matter of minutes! It’s still warm here in “LA” (Lower Alabama), and what gal doesn’t love a good off the shoulder look? 

Knowing that we are all different (whether you are a mom or not), and no matter what our differences are, we can come together as women and support other women in business and in life. Let’s teach the younger ladies out there how it’s done! From one dog mom to another, fashion is all about being yourself. 


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