California Dreaming

Hi everyone. Allison here, founder of Alli + Evie. As summer comes to an end, I can't help but mourn the gatherings of 2020 that never were. I had so many dreams of moms and daughters wearing our dresses this year to baby showers, family gatherings, and other special events, most of which have been canceled or postponed due to the health crisis. Obviously, that is nothing compared to the losses that so many families have experienced due to the Pandemic and ongoing racial injustice in our country (and now, the terrible fires raging across the west coast). Seriously, 2020, I would like a freaking do-over. 

One of the things that I have missed the most this year is my usual summer pilgrimage to Southern California to visit my extended family. So, when they sent me these beautiful photos of my niece and her gorgeous mama, I was so grateful... and sad at the same time. I want my daughter to have a close relationship with my family, and sometimes I feel like time is slipping away. I pray we will be able to travel there for Christmas, but just the thought of getting on a plane gives me serious anxiety. Who else is in the same boat?

Right now, I am cheering myself up with these photos of Jaimie and Madeline. Yes, the Madeline dress was named after my niece, Madeline. It is our girls' dress for sizes 2T to 9/10. Jaimie is wearing the Pamela dress, named after my late mother. You can read more about my mom here

A special shout-out to my dad, Steve, and stepmom, Susan, for snapping these incredible photos on a pristine morning on the beach in Oceanside, California. I love you and miss you! (If you know my dad, he was stoked about the surfer to the left of the photo. Hang ten!). 


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